Tuesday, December 15, 2020

8 FREE Classroom Resources for the Week Before the Holiday Break

A holiday poem...

'Twas the week before Christmas                                                                                                When all through the room                                                                                                               Not a creature wanted to be conferring                                                                                       Except via Z....

Yeah...that's all I've got. 

My apologies to Clement Clarke Moore. 

And to you, dear reader. 

If you're also running out of steam and creativity this wild week before break, do I have a deal for you!

Today I'm showcasing 8 FREE classroom resources you can use this week, and a few can also be used when you get back from winter break. Whoo hoo!

Because your recess, lunch time, or maybe patience is increasingly short this week, let's get right to the business at hand!

Time for Winter BOOM Cards™

If you have students who could use a little extra practice telling time to the nearest minute, this deck is for you! There are fifteen interactive digital task cards that ask students to tell time using an analog clock.

Winter Multiplication BOOM Cards™

This is a great set for intervention time or homework. Each of my students has always had a small dry-erase board in their desk, and they use that to work the problems before selecting the correct answer on their BOOM Cards™. Fun, easy, and simple--just the kind of thing we need before a break!

Christmas Computation BOOM Cards™

This computation sampler is a terrific way to get kids to review and/or sharpen their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills!

And now for the ELA folks...

Winter Common & Proper Nouns

Y'all, I never knew that common and proper nouns were such a big deal. I've always just taught them once in the beginning of the year and maybe reviewed them for two minutes before the big ole tests. HOWEVER, I had created a Halloween freebie on this very topic in October, and I still had huge amounts being downloaded well into December. Obviously, there was a need for a winter theme. And besides, friends don't let friends use Halloween resources in December. 😂

Singular & Plural Possessive Nouns

Sometimes I wonder if we as a society will ever collectively learn the difference between plurals and possessives, let alone singular possessives and plural possessives. And don't even get me started about a uniform decision on the infamous nouns ending with S...

This resource is my feeble attempt at some semblance of word peace. (No, that's not a typo. WORLD peace would be a bit much to expect from fewer than 20 cards.) And no, there are no nouns that end with S in this deck...it's the holidays, folks. No need to add fuel to any arguments amongst grammarians out there.

Simple Subject & Simple Predicate

I had made a set of complete subject and complete predicate cards back in October, but I hadn't followed up with a set for simple subjects and predicates. This is a quick, easy review of the subject with a couple of instructional cards included.

Simile or Metaphor BOOM Cards

This is an oldie but a goodie! My very first set of BOOM Cards! Some kids really struggle with determining the difference between similes and metaphors, so it's always good to review them periodically.

And now, for a NON-digital resource!

Every year, I used to be caught off-guard and totally unprepared when the first student gifts started arriving. I know, I know...the holidays are the same time every year, but I just felt a little presumptuous assuming I'd get gifts. Anyhoo, that's an issue to be worked out in therapy, but I did finally come up with a solution!

I created these holiday thank you notes (although they can be used anytime throughout the year) that I can DOWNLOAD if and when I receive a gift.

And now, you can, too!
Holiday Thank You Notes

 Unlike my other free resources, this is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can print out the versions with minimal color or simply print the blackline masters onto the colorful paper of your choice!


Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you have a terrific week with your students, and may you have a December to remember!

Until next time!

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