The name of my blog and my Tpt store comes from my own experience as a classroom teacher. Every Friday afternoon, I would try really hard to get everything done so I wouldn't have to spend my weekend at school. I would open up my file cabinet (see how old-school I am?) and my computer files looking for some clever ideas I could use the next week. Most of the time I would come up empty-handed and spend way too much personal time making things.

And as teachers we do that. We give and we give and we give until we're burnt out.

Or sick...possibly sick and tired.

Or maybe we spend too much time working on things for our kiddos at school when we've got kiddos of our own at home.

I hope I can help others find time and balance in their lives by providing some easy to implement lessons that are already made. Think of them as "magic" Friday afternoon files that allow you to go home and relax...if even for a little while.

So kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy perusing my Friday Afternoon Files. :-)

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